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Project: BugBlue
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Naam BugBlue
Door BugBlue
Status Uitvoer
Madskillz Solderen, firmware fixen, schroeven, boren, meten
Doel / Omschrijving
Makerbot een revisie geven zodat die normaal werkt
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W30 - Warnung vor Einzugsgefahr.svg Beklemmingsgevaar
  • EN: Entanglement hazard
  • DE: Einzugsgefahr


Got a makerbot from revspace. Where one of it's members had it sitting on a desk for about a year without any good quality prints I decided to rob them and fix it completely with an overhaul

The fixes

  • J-Head 0.35 printhead
The new J-Head extruded behaves much more nicely, doesn't jam up and gives a very nice output
  • Teacup firmware
New teacup firmware makes it possible to use pronterface and slic3r as software. Giving much nicer control, monitoring and easier settings than any of the other old software.
  • Rewire
Since it is a makerbot cupcake CNC with a seperate extruderboard and a steppermotordriver connected to the extruderboard rewirering was needed since the extruder steppermotor is now connected directly to the mainboard. The extruderboard is now the only switching and controlling the temperature of the heated bed and the extruded
TODO: this might change and we might move all lines to the mainboard.
New cables and connectors for the hotend are needed
  • Printbed
The original printbed of the makerbot is very unstable this has to change
TODO: New printbed with glassplate and isolation
  • Z threaded rods
they are bend in very ugly shapes. These need to be replaced
  • Calibration
X Y and Z calibration are very easy. Extruded calibration should be done at the right temperature.
TODO: extruder recalibration
  • Retraction
Since it takes a *lot* of steps (gearbox) to retract retraction time is slow, retraction is set to only 0.2mm during print
TODO: lower this value
  • Endstops
There are no endstops
TODO: install 6 endstops, drill holes to install them and wire them. (easy).
  • Grease
TODO: Apply more.


It was a nice desing at some time, however newer firmware and a lot of improvements can make it a very nice and fast printer.