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Project: Hackerspaces Hookup
Hackerspaces Hookup Picture.jpg

Hackerspaces Hookup

Naam Hackerspaces Hookup
Door Jos, Moem, Yeti
Status Uitvoer
Madskillz Travelling, giving lectures, hosting workshops, making friends
Doel / Omschrijving
Partnership is powerful.
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Contacts between hackerspaces are fun and empowering. We can learn from each other and do shit together.
This project aims to construct alliances between hackerspaces by presenting a workshop or lecture in each other's hackerspace; once this has happened in both directions, we can say that these hackerspaces are partnered. And that's as good a reason as any to make fancy plaquettes to hang inside the space or next to the door.

Following these criteria, Hack42 is partnered with:

  • OSAA in Denmark
  • TechInc in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Upcoming partnerships (simplex connection achieved, duplex not yet complete)

  • ...