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Camping festival: OHM2013
Naam OHM2013
Locatie Geestmerambacht
Datum juli 31, 2013 00:00:00 - augustus 4, 2013 23:59:59
Contact De OHMbudsman
Info A five day outdoor international camping festival for hackers, makers, and those with an inquisitive mind.
Ohm2013.png File:Ohm2013.png

From the OHM2013 website:

OHM2013. Observe, Hack, Make. A five day outdoor international camping festival for hackers and makers, and those with an inquisitive mind. On 31st July 2013, 3000 of those minds will descend upon on an unassuming patch of land, at the Geestmerambacht festival grounds, 30km north of Amsterdam - OHM GIS - OpenStreetMap - Google Maps.

It is a four year tradition in The Netherlands to hold such an event. In the spirit of WTH, HIP and HAR the latest edition, OHM2013, is a non-commercial community run event. The event happens thanks to the volunteers, all 3000 of them. They will run the network, help people around the site, give talks, hold workshops and be excellent to one another.

The target audience includes free-thinkers, philosophers, activists, geeks, scientists, artists, creative minds and a whole bunch of people interested in lots of interesting stuff.

Hack42 Village

We haz a village. Are preparations necessary? Will you join us?

  • We have a tent: 4 bij 8 or so (white, big)


  • Ikea laminaat?
  • werkplek (schoolbureau, lamp, headphones tegen geluid, fixed ethernet, clean-desk policy, soldeerbout).