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== Links ==
== Links ==
in Denmark the Datamuseum is [http://datamuseum.dk/wiki/Olivetti/Programma_101/Revive | restoring their 101 ]
in Denmark the Datamuseum is [http://datamuseum.dk/wiki/Olivetti/Programma_101/Revive restoring their 101 ]

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Project: Repair Olivetti Programma 101

Repair Olivetti Programma 101

Naam Repair Olivetti Programma 101
Door MacSimski
Status Uitvoer
Madskillz mechanics, electronics, temper control
Doel / Omschrijving
Attempt to restore a Programma 101 to working order
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Our Olivetti Programma 101 has been sitting idle in a cellar for at least 10 years. Because of the way the machine is built and its age, all the mechanical parts have gummed up. Grease and oil have turned into a tough goo and the various belts have deteriorated. Checking and fixing the machine is only possible after a thorough cleaning, application of fresh lubricating agents and replacement of all the belts. Afterwards, we will be able to proceed with checking the electronics of this calculator.


The mechanics are divided into some assemblies, fixed to each other and the chassis with sometimes hard to reach screws. It is the earliest known instance of a RISC processor ("Reversed Italian Screw Construction"). Where you would expect to find the head of the screw, you find the other end instead. So for some screws you need to stick a very long screwdriver completely through the assembly to reach it.

The major units are:

  1. Keyboard assembly.
  2. Printer assembly.
  3. Servo assembly
  4. Card reader assembly.
  5. Motor.
  6. Main cooling fan.


in Denmark the Datamuseum is restoring their 101