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Cryptoparty: ADMFestival 2015
Naam ADMFestival 2015
Locatie Amsterdam
Datum oktober 9, 2015 14:00:00 - oktober 10, 2015 23:00:00
Contact Yeti, Jos
Info Cryptoparty op ADMfestival
Adm.png File:Adm.png

   Friday 9. October
   Lecture and workshop with Jos Weyers - Hack42
   Showing your keys on camera - what could possibly go wrong!
   17:00 - 18:30
   Android without Google by http://ijhack.nl
   18:30 - till late
   Take back the control of your computer with Step - ADM
   Comprehensive and practical walk-through of GNU/Linux installation in your laptop
   (if you want to participate backup all your data from the computer on external medium)
   Saturday 10. October
   13:00 - till late
   Talk and workshop with Arjen Kamphuis - Hack42, Silkie Carlo, Marie Gutbub - cryptoparty Berlin
   Extensive crash-course on spying and forms of protection To be able to make the knowledge work you will need a laptop

The attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops (backed up on external media to install Linux, or not necessarily backed up for the Saturday's 'cryptoparty.' usb sticks (anything 4GB and above)

All software we show is free and available for Windows, Macs and Linux laptops. We cannot promise these applications will work on tablets so bring a laptop!

The workshops are aimed at common people - everybody can do it!