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Project: Key to Bits to Key
Key to Bits to Key Picture.jpg

Key to Bits to Key

Naam Key to Bits to Key
Door BugBlue, Jos
Status Afgerond
Madskillz Photograph, Lasercutting, Keycreation
Doel / Omschrijving
Create a working key from a picture
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File:Key to Bits to Key_Picture.jpg noez

At some day, some time in the past someone emailed us a picture of the techinc hackerspace amsterdam to the Chief Trolling Officer at hack42.

Key to Bits to Key Picture.jpg

After some very carefull pointing a mouse at the inkscape icon tracing the key with the path tool almost randomly created a nice picture of the key. Some scaling was involved but we all know that a 1 euro coin is 23,25mm in diameter.

Key Techinc outline.svg

Passing this file to visicut after loading the lasercutter with a scap part of PMMA (any other cutable somewhat strong material will do) created a very shiny key outline.

Key Techinc Lasercutted.jpg.

This cutted part won't work of course, this is not a key.

Enter the blank:

Key Techinc Blank.jpg

Insert this in a key copier at your favorite hackerspace.

Key Techinc final.jpg