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A recurring hack-activity (Hacktivity, get it? Brilliant pun, I know ;) ) in which a group of hackers will hack a specific object together and/or on an individual basis. The object is determined beforehand and (when necessary) were purchased by the organizers. This may be cheap junk from the Action, DX, etc etc. Participants won't be told what the hackable object is until the Hacktivity has started. This element of surprise calls upon the creativity and imagination of participants.

Hacking, creativity, but especially fun will take center stage. For these reasons no workshop with an imposed target, but Freedom!



One or more persons will be responsible for selecting a Hackable Mysterious Object and acquiring sufficient numbers for the participants.

At this stage it might be nice to make a prediction of the possible hacks and perhaps an originality prize for to the hack that was least expected.


The session(s) in which the object is revealed to the participants, then plans can be made and implemented. Optionally, a time limit may be set, thereby encouraging participants to make quicker decisions than they are used to when working on a project.


Ending with an evaluation moment, during which participants can show off their work, discuss, exchange tips on techniques and results. It also includes a short feedback from those responsible for the selection of the object, for example comparing the expectations of the hacks and the final results.


Below are projects that were made during a Hacktivity. (vernieuw lijst) (=refresh list)

  • Moem/Battle of the Bugs (Battle of the Bugs, Gebruiker:Moem, Een arena voor Crazy Bugs om elkaar te bevechten, Gebruiker:Moem)
  • Phantagom/Disposable club-mate pinhole camera (Disposable club-mate pinhole camera, Gebruiker:Phantagom, Disposable club-mate pinhole camera, Gebruiker:Phantagom)
  • Benzene/FlitsendeEntree (FlitsendeEntree, Gebruiker:Gebruiker:Benzene, Het hacktiviteit wegwerpcameratje bij de ingang van de space geplakt en aan de deur gehangen zodat de flitser afgaat als er iemand binnenkomt, Gebruiker:Gebruiker:Benzene)
  • Benzene/PingpongMuizenval (PingpongMuizenval, Gebruiker:Gebruiker:Benzene, De hacktiviteit muizenval als handkatapult., Gebruiker:Gebruiker:Benzene)
  • Moem/Strijklicht (Strijklicht, Gebruiker:Moem, Gebruiker:Aequitas, Een decoratieve lamp gemaakt van een strijkijzer, Gebruiker:Moem, Gebruiker:Aequitas)
  • Lurwah/bLEnDer (bLEnDer, Gebruiker:Lurwah, A project made for Hacktiviteit combining a LED fan and a broken blender., Gebruiker:Lurwah)