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Electrical info for the repair of our Olivetti Programma 101.

Boards 01 to 08 have 112 pins, counting from pin 1 and 2 GND. even boards are swapped from uneven ones. Board 09 has only 56 pins, counting from the corner nearest column A.

Module pins are counted from down left, with the module number readable, left upwards and right downwards. Module positions are based on pin 1 of the module. Be careful: some modules are placed upsidedown on a board, hence the origin pin is in the upper right corner.

Some followed signals.

Signal Block header pin Board Board pin Module location Module type Module pin comments
Timing wheel pickup 45 02 5 A34 M20 6 direct to base of transistor. output to bas of mod. N31 on loc. A27
AK 1 switch 15 09 50 F31 Z59 4 via resistor divider to base of module N51 on loc. F29
delay in or out - 09 42 - - - goes to board 07, pin 109, module N31 on Q16