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Help Hack42 by adopting a Lab Rat! You can have your own Lab Rat in our space!

Hack42 already crawls with lab rats, we have them on every corner and now you can add your own. Adopting a lab rat costs 5 euro per month. For this the rat will show its gratitude by holding your personal message and will relocate to a spot of your choice.

For other sponsorship options, read below and contact us. For example, if you want your logo on the list of Sponsoren.


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How do I adopt a lab rat?

You can adopt a lab rat by sending a frequent or infrequent combined donation of 5 euros to:

  • ABN AMRO: to Stichting Hack42 te Arnhem
  • IBAN: NL17ABNA0572310633 / BIC: ABNANL2A
  • or click <paypal></paypal> to use paypal

In the area where you can add your own text, place the text "rat" and your personal message. If it doesn't fit or doesn't work out; get in touch via info@hack42.nl and we'll orchestrate something :)

Can I adopt multiple lab rats?

It's possible to adopt as many lab rats as you like. We prefer that the rat stays alive and healthy; they have to make the decisions around here.

But I don't like rats...

Lab rat phones.jpg

It's not that we experiment on rats, it's the other way around.

Halp! I cannot read the rest of the wiki...

As a hackerspace from the Netherlands, we have opted to communicate solely in Dutch, except when we don't. Therefore the rest of this wiki might not be correctly interpreted. Use one of your favourite site translators to fully misunderstand the content on this site.

This page is in English since adopting lab rats is a way for foreigners to contribute to Hack42. All donations are welcome and greatly appreciated.

No humans where injured during the writing of this text.

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Are there donation or sponsorship options?

Yes! Read on:

For small donations you can Adopt a Lab Rat. There are also options for sponsors and larger donations:

Donations can be considered when you do not want anything in return. (except the knowledge that any donation will be put to good use.)

Sponsors contribute hardware, software, money or other resources in any form or matter (non conceptual). In return you or your company/logo is shown on the sponsor page, maybe, painted in the space, maybe visible throughout the space; depending on the amount and duration of sponsoring.

Get in touch! Send an electronic mail message right now!