Uit Hack42
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Workshop: Food Hacking Tour 2014 at Hack42
Naam Food Hacking Tour 2014 at Hack42
Locatie Hack42
Ruimte Biolab
Datum januari 8, 2014 19:00:00 - januari 9, 2014 23:00:00
Contact Lurwah
Info The 2014 Food Hacking Tour will stop at Hack42
Voorzitter Frantisek
Foodhackingtour2014.jpg File:Foodhackingtour2014.jpg

Frantisek is net klaar met de organisatie van de Food Hacking Base op 30C3 en sluit dat af met een grootse tour. De tour zal ook in Arnhem stoppen, wel bij Hack42 om precies te zijn. Kijk hieronder om te zien wat er allemaal kan plaatsvinden. Geef aan of je er bij wil zijn en wat je zou willen doen.


We are hitting the road today with the Food Hacking Tour. The plan is to be in Arnhem on 8-9 (Wed and Thur) of January doing variety of related activities. I wonder what would be the hands on workshops which people would be interested in (up to 15 participants), plus I would suggest social evening when we could prepare and share together either international or traditional Korean style of dinner (20-30 people). Please check our tour page and the workshop list, chat about that and let us know (ask questions of course :-)). All events are donation based no one turned away for lack of funds.

We have also crowd sourcing campaign which was officially started just on 30/12/2013 at 30c3, but I want to do a bit of upgrade before I share it tomorrow or so. Please keep in mind that we will be working on the experimental incubator project and we can do some kitchen improvements if there is an interest in that.

Meer info: Food Hacking Tour, Makgeolli, Tempeh, Kombucha, Kerfir, Kimchi.


  • Woensdag: workshop makgeolli.
  • Donderdag: traditioneel Koreaans diner (vanaf 18:00 uur). Ook geschikt voor vegetariërs.