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Project: OneWireSwitch
OneWireSwitch Picture.jpg


Naam OneWireSwitch
Door BugBlue
Status Afgerond
Madskillz solderen, slijpen, zagen, schroeven, programmeren
Doel / Omschrijving
Onewire switch bouwen op basis van een oude switch
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The idea

  • Take a (broken) 19" switch
  • Saw off the exces part of the switch you don't need (everything except the ports and the PCB directly underneath)
  • figure out the pins
    • Pin 1: ground
    • pin 2: data
    • pin 3: VCC
  • get a rasterized printboard and some headers
  • make a shield for your arduino
    • Connect all the data pins to the data cables for the ports (16 in this case)
    • solder 16 resistors (1k or 4k7) from 5V VCC to all the datapins
    • solder 5V and GND
  • screw the arduino to the board
  • connect the shield to the arduino
  • insert a USB cable
  • upload the software
  • close the case
  • apply stickers
  • place the switch in the rack
  • If any time is left you can connect some leds

The software

please type in here...


Nyancat stickers. Ter hoogte van 1U :)