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Mate mead

The Mate mead fermenting
The recipe
4 liter water (73°C)
10 grams citric acid (dissolved)
280 grams sugar (caramelized with 100 grams Mate) (brew for six minutes)
1350 grams honey (dissolved in 1 liter of boiling water)
4 grams yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae var. Cerevisiae)
2011/12/29: Started ferment. Measured OG at 20°C: 1.097 (OG = original gravity)
2012/01/14: First racking. Measured SG at 20°C: 1.048 (SG = specific gravity)
Calculated ABV: 6.77%
2012/01/20: Second racking. Measured SG at 18°C: 1.041
Calculated ABV: 7.69%
2012/01/25: Fermentation slowed down to a stop after the second racking.
Made a yeast starter with 200 ml of warm water, inverted sugar, 3-4 grams of yeast. Pitched at room temperature.
2012/03/18: Fermentation seems to have finished. Needs to be racked and measured soon.
2012/03/22: Third (and final) racking. Measured SG at 19°C: 1.008
Calculated ABV: 11.85%
2012/05/27: Tasting session. First opening of the bottle. Racked one .5 liter bottle to age.
Lurwah: Full taste of honey, without the sweetness of sugar. Notes of Mate come through quite well balanced with the smell and taste of the honey. Takes some getting used to, but very drinkable. Not headache material.
WitchDoc: Had a few glasses and liked it very much. Although i'm not sure if it can be contributed to the Mate in the mead I had a hard time getting to sleep that night.
Moem: I found it surprisingly unsweet. Mate hard to detect, but present; honey not all that noticeable, either. Quite tasty tough. Moar plz!

This also gave me the idea for a:

Mate wine


5 liter water
1 kg dextrose
100 gram Mate
4 gram yeast

Possible methods of preparation:

Brew Mate at 73°C
Dissolve sugar
Cool down to ~25-30°C, add yeast
Dissolve sugar
Cool down to ~25-30°C, add yeast
Brew Mate at room temperature
Dissolve sugar in 4 liter of water
Cool down to ~25-30°C, add yeast
Brew Mate in 1 liter of water at 73°C
Add brewed Mate to fermented sugar solution
Dissolve sugar
Cool down to ~25-30°C
Add yeast and Mate
Ferment while (cold) brewing Mate
It might be necessary to remove the Mate before the ferment is finished