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po-ru.com: Here’s the recipe for the syrup (yields about 500ml):

50g 	yerba mate (with stems/con palos)
500ml 	water (boiled and allowed to cool slightly)
250g 	unbleached cane sugar
5ml 	lemon juice
To prepare the beverage, mix 1 part syrup with 5 parts carbonated water.

noisebridge.net: Sudo pop is a yerba mate ginger beer.

* Taragui Mate con Palo
* 5 Gallon Carboy (secondary fermentation)
* 5 Gallon of Pot
* Bottle siphon, bottle capper, caps
* 5 Gallon (Primary fermentation or mixing) bucket
* airlocks, and miscellaneous brewing supplies
1:1:1:2:10 ratio rosamonde yerba mate: limes & sweet lemons:ground ginger:panela & white sugar:H20
In a small pot, boil ginger and sugar with some water.
Boil remaining H20 in 5 gallon pot. Cool the big pot to 85C.
Add Mate,steep for 5-7 minutes.
Mix back the ginger-sugar mixture to the mate to taste.
strain. strain. strain.
Pour mixture into carboys to cool, chill, then carbonate. 

Make magazine (Dave-Mate):

1L water
50mL (3-1/2 Tbsp or 20g) yerba maté tea leaves
15mL agave syrup
15mL simple syrup
1.25g (1/4 tsp.) molasses
1.25g (1/4 tsp.) guarana
0.6125g (1/8 tsp.) citric acid
Drop of orange bitters.
Heat water to 75C/167F, then steep the yerba maté in the water for 5 minutes.
Strain the resulting tea into another container. You may need to filter multiple times to remove all the sediment.
Add the sweeteners, citric acid, bitters, and guarana.


3 gallons water
85g Chai mate tea (from Teavana)
2.5 cups ‘raw’ cane sugar
1.5g caffeine powder (handle with care!)
CO2 (to taste)
Terse instructions:
Sterilize all equipment. Bring water to just under a boil, add tea and sugar, steep for 5-7 minutes.
Cool, add caffeine powder, stir well, then transfer to keg. Float 15psi of CO2 over the mixture,
then release the pressure valve and re-pressurize. Repeat 5 times (to purge oxygen from the keg).
Let sit for 24 hours, to allow the soda to carbonate, then drop pressure to 7psi and enjoy!