Uit Hack42
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Visit of other hackerspace: Openlabs visit to Hack42
Naam Openlabs visit to Hack42
Locatie Lounge, everywhere
Datum november 3, 2017 18:00:00 - november 4, 2017 14:00:00
Contact Yeti
Info Bezoek van Albanese hackerspace Openlabs aan Hack42
Voorzitter Yeti, Jos
OpenLabsLogo-01.png File:OpenLabsLogo-01.png

On November 3rd & 4th members of the Albanian Openlabs (openlabs.cc) Hackerspace will visit Hack42. They will give lightning talks about their activities and Hack42 will show it's full awesomeness.

Lightning talks suggested program on Friday Nov. 3rd:

Wikimedia workshop - Sidorela - https://twitter.com/SidorelaUku

FSFE new identity & Mozilla diversity - Kristi https://twitter.com/KristiProgri

WebVR & A-Frame for Designers - Elio - https://twitter.com/elioqoshi

Wiki Loves Maps - Nafie - https://twitter.com/Nafie_Shehu

Explore GIMPs potential - Marin - https://twitter.com/marinkaltani

PGP clean room project - Silva - https://twitter.com/ArapiSilva

Food robot - Anisa - https://twitter.com/AnisaKuci

CityZen project, OSM based navigation - Redon - https://twitter.com/rskikuli