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Universele systeembus, ontwikkeld door Digital voor kleinere PDP- en VAX-systemen.


Digital MicroPDP 11MinicomputerDigital MicroPDP 11MuseumBestand:Hardware Digital MicroPDP 11 picture.JPG
Digital MicroVAX 4000-200ServerDigital MicroVAX 4000/200MuseumWerktVMS
Bestand:Hardware Digital MicroVAX 4000-200 picture.JPG
Digital MicroVAX 4000-300 (1)ServerDigital MicroVAX 4000-300MuseumBestand:Hardware Digital MicroVAX 4000-300 (1) picture.JPG
Digital MicroVAX 4000-300 (2)ServerMicroVAX 4000-300MuseumAfgevoerdBestand:Hardware Digital MicroVAX 4000-300 (2) picture.JPG
Digital MicroVAX IIServerDigital MicroVAX IIMuseumVoeding stukBestand:Hardware Digital MicroVAX II picture.JPG
Digital PDP 11/73MinicomputerDigital PDP 11/73MuseumBestand:Hardware Digital PDP 11/73 picture.JPG
Digital VT103-BADesktop computerDigital VT103MuseumDefectBestand:Hardware Digital VT103-BA picture.JPG
PCS W8 80/0ComputerPCS W8 80/0MuseumBestand:Hardware PCS W8 80/0 picture.JPG

Opties (DEC)

aantal type module omschrijving
KD32-A M7135/M7136 MicroVAX I CPU Module
KDF11-A M8186 LSI-11/23 CPU (Etch Rev. C or later)
KDF11-B M8189 LSI-11/23B CPU
KDJ11-A M8192 LSI-11/73 CPU
KDJ11-B M8190 MicroPDP-11/73 CPU
KXT11-C M8377 Q-bus Peripherial I/O Processor
KMV11-A M7500 Q-bus Peripherial Communication Processor
MCV11-D M8631 CMOS Non-volatile Memory
MSV11-L M8059 MOS Memory (either 128 KB or 256 KB)
MSV11-P M8067 MOS Memory (either 256 KB or 512 KB)
MSV11-Q M7551 MOS Memory (1 MB)
MXV11-B M7195 Multifunction Module
MRV11-D M8578 PROM/ROM Module
AAV11-C A6006 D/A Converter
ADV11-C A8000 A/D Converter
AXV11-C A0026 D/A and A/D Combination Converter
BDV11 M8012 Bootstrap, Terminator, Diagnostic (CS Rev. E or later, ECO M8012-ML005 installed)
DEQNA M7504 Ethernet Controller
1 DELQA-M M7516 Ethernet interface (replaces DEQNA)
DLV11 M7940 Asynchronous Serial Line Interface
DLV11-E M8017 Asynchronous Serial Line Interface
DLV11-F M8028 Asynchronous Serial Line Interface
DLV11-J M8043 Four Asynchronous Serial Line Interfaces (CS Rev. E or later, ECO M8043-MR002 installed)
>1 DHV11 M3104 8-line Asynchronous EIA Multiplexer
DMV11-AD M8053-MA Synchronous Communications Interface
DMV11-AF M8064-MA Synchronous Communications Interface
DPV11 M8020 Programmable Synchronous EIA Line
DRV11 M7941 32 line Parallel Interface
DRV11-J M8049 64 line Parallel Interface
DRV11-W M7651 General Purpose DMA Interface (dual)
DUV11 M7951 Programmable Synchronous EIA Line
DZQ11 M3106 4-line Asynchronous EIA Multiplexer (dual)
DZV11 M7957 4-line Asynchronous EIA Multiplexer (quad)
FPF11 M8188 Floating Point Processor
IBV11-A M7954 IEEE Instrument Bus Interface
IEQ11 M8634 DMA IEEE Instrument Bus Interface
KLESI-QA M7740 LESI Bus Adaptor (RC25 Interface)
KPV11-A M8016 Power-fail and LTC Generator (KPV11-B and -C are not compatible)
KWV11-C A4002 Programmable Real-time Clock
LAV11 M7949 LA180 Line Printer Interface
LPV11 M8027 LA180/LP05 Printer Interface
1 RLV12 M8061 RL01/2 Controller
RQDX1 M8639 Controller for 5.25" Floppy and Winchester
RXV11 M7946 RX01 Floppy Disk Interface
TQK25 M7605 Streaming Cartridge Tape Controller
TSV05 M7196 Magnetic Tape Controller
M9404 Cable Connector
M9404-YA Cable Connector with 240-Ohm Terminators
M9405 Cable Connector
M9405-YA Cable Connector with 120-Ohm Terminators

Opties (3rd parties)

aantal type module omschrijving