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Laptop: Tandy
Rubriek Opslag
Fabrikant Tandy/Radio Shack
Model TRS-80 Model 200
Naam Tandy
Type Laptop
Serial# 503400255
Architectuur 8085
IP Address
DECnet Address
MAC Address
Eigenaar Museum
Status Werkt
Locatie Museum
Datum opname collectie
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  • CPU Intel 80c85
  • SPEED 2.4 MHz
  • RAM 24 KB (up to 72 KB)
  • ROM 72 KB (up to 104 KB)
  • TEXT MODES 40 x 16
  • GRAPHIC MODES 240 x 128
  • COLORS Monochrome display
  • SOUND Beeper
  • SIZE / WEIGHT 29.41(W) 20.95cm (D) x 5.08 (H) cm / 1.36 kg
  • I/O PORTS Parallel printer, Tape, Barcode, Phone, RS232, System Bus
  • POWER SUPPLY 4 AA alkaline batteries or DC 6V 1.2W center minus adapter (Cat. No. 26-3804)
  • PERIPHERALS 3.5 or 5.25 external floppy drive unit, up to 3x24 KB RAM chips, Video interface
  • PRICE Original price: $999



The Tandy 200 has a db25 serial port on the back. Communication is through the TELCOM program in ROM. Open TELCOM. in the top left corner there is a string in the form of 88N1ENI,0

There could be something else there, but for a 9600BAUD 8n1 communication with xon/xoff and crlf conversion this is the good string. the string can be set by pressing F3:Stat and entering the right string behind it:

Stat 88N1ENI,0

If you prefer a faster speed: 98N1ENI,0 changes it to 19200, the max for this serial port.

To send a file from a pc to the Tandy 200 in linux, set the serial port with stty:

stty -F /dev/ttyS0 9600 ixoff

First open TELCOM on the Tandy 200 and push F4:Term to open a connection. Then push F2:Down to initiate a file download and enter a filename in a 5.2 scheme like text1.do (.do is to make it a textfile for the Tandy editor) and send a file with $ cat file.txt > dev/ttyS0

during the download Down will be visible in reverse. After finishing press F2:Down again to finish the transfer.

Press F8:Bye to disconnect and confirm with y (enter). To return to the main menu, press F8:Menu. You should see the downloaded textfile in the menu.

To upload a file from the Tandy 200 to the host computer, use the TELCOM menu option F3:Up. TELCOM will ask you the filename (text1.do) and then the Width to insert automatic crlf after the entered chars (1-132). Type the wanted chars (80?) and before pressing Enter, open a file on the pc to write to:

$ cat /dev/ttyS0 > textfile1.txt

The file should be transmitted after pressing enter on the Tandy 200. After transmission has finished, press ctrl-c on the pc to stop the cat process.