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Telex: Teletype 14
Rubriek Opslag
Fabrikant Teletype Corporation
Teletype Corporation logo.png
Model 14-KTR
Naam Teletype 14
Type Telex
Architectuur Electromechanisch
IP Address
DECnet Address
MAC Address
Eigenaar Museum
Status Werkt
Locatie Depot
Herkomst Jaap Horsting
Datum opname collectie
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The Teletype model 14 reperforator is an electromechanical device to send and receive telex messages in the 5-bit USTTY code (confirmed: Bell above S on key and in printing). This specimen works on 110V AC and uses a governor-controlled motor. The machine is from the U.S. Army Signals Corps and is painted green.


Generally this model 14 is in great shape. It still needs relubing on some hard to reach spots, but is otherwise working. Unfortunate it is missing its bottom plate, some key-caps (W,E :partially,F,C :completely) and there is one broken screw on the platen guide shaft (attached by Bix to frame using blue tape, it was in danger of being lost because it was loose).

We are having difficulty in establishing the serial number of the machine. there are several places with numbers, all different: on top stamped on the shield is 250, in the chassis of the printer is stamped a number, there is also a shield with a number on the front of the printing chassis and a plate on the side of the keyboard. We suspect that this machine was assembled from spares.

The puncher vanes have the wrong springs (way too tight to let the paper pass) and some key-lever springs are missing as well.

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First video, while checking to see what needs fixing


What are the yellow stamps on the case? A triangle on top and " Y 012|4033 (or 1033)" on the front.

Missing keys.
front decals.
top info.

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