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On June 28, Jeannie Ng visited Hack42, the hackerspace in Arnhem, the Netherlands, during the bi-weekly Metameet. She talked about a project she is doing:
setting up a community for people with rare diseases

The goal is to help these people communicate with each other across the world, form alliances, share information and form a stronger lobby towards instutitions and governments. Jeannie has been spending a lot of her own money and time on this project. And you can help, too!

The PDF linked below is Jeannie’s description of her project, for which she has asked for our help. She needs someone to check on the programmers that she has hired; someone familiar enough with database and website code to see if it’s turning out the way she wants it. One of the main issues is security.
The least we all can do, whether we can code or not, is spread her request for help. So that’s what we are doing.

All those who are reading this are kindly requested to open the PDF and read it, and to help spread the link, so that as many potentially helpful eyeballs as possible get to see it. Do, please, repost this message on journals, in relevant communities,  hackerspaces’ mailing lists, or twitter it. Blog about it, and post it in relevant forums. Also, think about people you know who may be able to help. Thanks!

And if you think you can lend a hand, do contact Jeannie. All details are in the PDF.

Click here to open the PDF. It’s hosted on Hack42’s wiki. <– link to the relevant wiki page, for easy Twittering


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